Sunday, December 19, 2010

Charice Pempengco: Reset

When I first encountered Charice in Oprah, I was stunned. She was still a teenager, but her voice was absolutely stunning! I was even more surprised to see her on Glee, but I didn’t know if she also had the talent in singing her own songs too.

After I heard this on the radio though, I’m pretty convinced that she does have a rare talent.

Charice - Reset .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Hey hey! Pakinggan mo naman ako
Hey hey! I think this is the way na dapat gawin
Reset! Sana naman ika'y sang-ayon din
To all the things that I'm gonna say
I wish ika'y pumayag din
Mag-aagree ka ba?
If I tell you that "Magsimula tayo para tayo'y sobrang happy na"
We should reset all this
Ibalik ang nakaraan

Start it up, Start it up, Oh baby

I like this single very much, even better than her well-known, international song, “Pyramid”. Although the rap does have Tagalog and English in it, it doesn’t sound as annoying as most Tang-glish songs.

Good luck, Charice! Hope we get more awesome songs from you! ♥


  1. i thought charice was overrated until i chanced upon her old youtube videos where she guested in star king and later in ellen degeneres. and i must say that i was so impressed that it moved me to tears. she was still so young back then but she was so confident on stage (and even in a foreign show!) her voice was strong and she was a total performer.

    i am no fan of hers (just cant get myself to like the way she belts out her songs) but i do appreciate how talented she is. i hope she stays humble and that the fame doesn't get into her head.

  2. I think she's still learning when it comes to singing... I can't understand some of the words in her songs because she doesn't pronounce her consonants properly. *_*;;; But yeah, extremely talented girl...