Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miramar's Ferris Wheel

taiwan miramar ticket to ferris wheel rideIf there was one thing I didn't plan on, it was this one.

I didn't know about Taiwan's fascination with Ferris Wheels until my sister told me about the biggest one somewhere in the country. Apparently, a lot of soap opera scenes are taken there, wherever that is.

I didn't see the biggest one, but I was able to see and ride on the second biggest Ferris Wheel in the country. It was about 70 meters high if I remembered correctly, and the ride was on the 5th floor of a mall known as Miramar.

You can probably imagine how high up we were. And I'm not exactly all that comfortable with heights. However, I do love Ferris Wheels. I made a mistake on convincing my sister to ride with me and my brother-in-law, because she then asked for the clear passenger car.

Clear. Passenger Car. More than 70 meters off the ground. I almost fainted!

But... I didn't regret it. Even if the ride cost me 150NT, it was worth it. I mean...

ferris wheel at miramar taipei taiwan

...just look at how beautiful that Ferris Wheel is. I don't like green, but it was such a sight to behold. I would show you photos from the top of the ride, but I only had a sucky camera phone with me. You'll have to take the ride to find out~ Especially with someone special~~


  1. Is this the one at Yokohama? if so i have been on it!!! And i was on it at night it was so nice!

  2. wow ! this is so beautiful. where in taiwan is that miramar mall ? i think i have to go there too. thanks for sharing

  3. Stephen: Sadly, no. I would like to see Yokohama's some time though!

    Stacy: It's also in Taipei in the Dazhi area in Zhongshan District. The Neihu Line (TRTS) of the Taipei Rapid Transit System has a station (Jiannan Road Station) next to the department store. ^_^

  4. thanks you very much , you're very nice.

  5. oh by the way what do you mean of " clear passenger car ?"

  6. The passenger car is where you sit during a ferris wheel ride. The one my sister and brother-in-law took was literally clear. It was probably made of durable plastic or acetate, but it was a bit scary because if you look down, you can either see the ground, or the other cars below you.