Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rei's Kitchen: Menudo!

Many of you already know that I've resigned from my day job some time ago. That means more housework for me instead of sitting in the office all day long. Don't get me wrong though, because I'm not complaining! I've been wanting to learn to cook different kinds of food, so I've been experimenting a lot... with my mom's supervision of course, unless I want to blow the kitchen up!

And of course, these are the days when I wish I had a better camera... Please excuse the blurry picture! ;x;

rei's kitchen menu 001 - menudo

Menudo is something like a tomato/ketchup sauce usually with pork, potatoes, and carrots. Some people put green peppers in them, but the guys in my house claim green peppers are bad for them. =.=;;;

Mom had some Menudo mix from McCormick, but when I tasted the semi-finished dish, it lacked flavor. Apparently, I need to read the packet and measure more because it was only for half a kilo of pork! I believe I was cooking more than that, seeing there are 6 people in the house right now, so I had to add a bit of ketchup and sugar to taste. It turned out pretty good in the end though! x3

There's squash on the side for lunch, which I boiled in water along with garlic and onions. I recently discovered that Thyme is my best friend, as it gives a lot of flavor to a veggie dish with just a pinch! It smelled really delicious too~ ♥ But I need to remember that squash may look hard, but they cook fairly quickly..! It almost turned into Squash Soup! ;A;

I did learn that sauces taste slightly different once everything is in the pot, especially when dishes have potatoes and carrots in them, so it would be best to taste test every now and then. I also learned that I need to put the potatoes last in saucy dishes like Menudo as they tend to cook faster than frozen pork! >.<;;; Good thing mom told me to let the pork boil with the garlic and onions to tenderize it before adding the mix as well as the potatoes and carrots!

Did I mention Menudo is one of my favorite dishes? x3


  1. so, that's what menudo looks like! i tend to be confused between menudo and mechado :(

    thanks for the info! cheers! :)

  2. I think Mechado is similar, since they are both tomato based stews, but it uses beef instead of pork. :3

    ...and actually, I think Menudo should be served in smaller cubes of pork and sides. ;A; I'm just lazy with slicing stuff. ;___;

  3. I was looking at the older blog posts from my following list I've been ignoring and zomg what is that :o I'm used to the Mexican soup menudo. It's a tripe (stomach) soup, and since my family is from the north we like it with a red chili base and homony, I sometimes put cabbage slices on top for garnish, but thats a southern thing :D ... great I'm hungry now.

  4. Well... my family makes it as a... kind of curry-like dish? Only the sauce is tomato based instead of curry-based!

    I'm not a fan of tripe or chili. xD;;; Rofl rofl... But that sounds like an interesting dish... I should try to cook more. :3

  5. Its yummeh :D I usually get the menudo with just a chili base, hominy and tripe then when I'm ready to eat I add shredded cabbage on top and squirt some lime over the whole thing :D It's suposed to be good for hangover, not that I drink though lol.

    I <3 tripe. I knew there was a Filipino menudo, but I just assumed it was an import on the mexican one :O