Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A.illusions: Durarara!!

The sad thing about this..? I've never even seen an episode of Durarara!! >.<;;; But it's been going around Deviant Art and Youtube so I decided to do a parody of my own.

It was pretty easy to decide which characters to do on the top, but as I gradually began to venture down, it was getting harder and harder to fit the personalities of the characters with the poses. In the end, I had to change Azorite's and Souji's poses entirely, but it turned out pretty good too!

I was suppose to put the antagonist of the series there, but decided to have the automatons get their share of the lime light~ ♥

Nephews have decided to animate this and use the piano version of "Trust Me" to show off their talents. xD Hopefully, we can get it done soon!

View the A.illusions Gallery post and the full deviation in Deviant Art please~ x3

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