Sunday, July 19, 2009

Onegai My Melody: Episode 01

I've been meaning to review a few anime episodes on this blog, so I decided to test my writing skills (if I ever had any) with a rather obscure fandom: Onegai My Melody.

Episode 01: I wish I could Play the Violin!

My Melody unknowingly helps Kuromi and Baku escape to the Human World with Dark Power Items they found while the were in prison. As a result, the King orders her to neutralize Kuromi's dark magic using her own magical items, the Melody Takt, Melody Box, and Melody Candy.

Back in the human world, particularly in Yumegaoka Middle School, teen heartthrob and violin protege Hiiragi Keiichi gives a sample performance to the music club, in hopes of inspiring the younger students to do their best in their upcoming concert... much to Yumeno Uta and Sakurazuka Miki's delight. Both girls have a huge crush on their senior, and today was the day they were going to attempt to talk to him.

Uta got more than she wished for as she clumsily fell while rushing to see Hiiragi... and who else other than Hiiragi himself, helps her to her feet.

This made Uta determined to do her best in their upcoming concert.

Unfortunately, because of her strong wish, Baku caught the scent of her dream, giving Kuromi the chance to cast her magic on the unsuspecting girl. Uta first thought she was only dreaming, but when the day of the concert arrived, she soon realized she was very, very wrong.

When her performance of the "Clown in Italy" had begun, her violin starts playing on its own. It would have been an amazing performance if she was doing a solo, but she was in a quartet, making her obviously off cue.

She does her best to make the unexplainable phenomena seemingly part of the performance by capturing the haunted violin with her case and bowing to the crowd. It didn't mean she wasn't embarrassed by it, however, as she ran out of the concert hall with her violin, crying hysterically and swearing never to play the violin again.

In what seems like perfect timing, My Melody drops from the sky in front of Uta, jogging Uta's memory about Kuromi as they were similar in appearance. She first thought My Melody was the one responsible for the awkward situation she faced, making My Melo cry from fright.

Because they were so noisy, Uta's violin became so irritated that it flew out of the case and taunted Uta, telling her she had no talent in playing him. My Melo realized that Kuromi's magic was behind the strange behavior of the violin and uses Koto's crab backpack to fight against it.

The violin's outburst made Uta realize that she was not playing the violin seriously, which is what made him upset.

Uta decides to return to the concert hall, though the reason is left for speculation. It could be that she wanted to apologize to her Music Club Members, or that she was going to quit the Music Club forever.

Of all the people she had to run into, it had to be Hiiragi. She almost cried at the thought that he might be angry with her, but she couldn't move from the spot she stood in.

Fortunately for her, Hiiragi merely greeted her and said she had done well. It gave her hope that she could still be a violinist, and her heart produced a pink note, indicating she had her dream back. But you can bet that Kuromi is not done just yet.

I've always adored this series because it's such a feel good anime. It's light hearted and cheesy enough to make you laugh even when you had one of those days. I'm a little peeved at Hiiragi in this episode though, merely because I really can't stand real-life playboys. It was nice of him to tell Uta she did a good job, even if she really didn't, but it was a bit cold and uncaring in my opinion... that says a lot being that I am quite the Hiiragi fan.

I wonder if I can really review all 52 episodes? Heh~


  1. i've never been a my melody fan (or fan of any other sanrio characters XD)... but maybe your reviews might get me hooked? hehehe :D

    i've also never thought you're the type of person who likes this kind of anime. guess that just shows i hardly know you at all! ^^;

  2. To be honest, I never thought I'd like this anime either. I was in a bad mood when I first saw a few screenshots of it and decided to investigate. I love Kuromi, and her having a human form made me curious enough to watch a few unsubbed episodes on youtube.

    That pretty much got me hooked, since the Japanese is simple enough to understand without subs. Not all of it though as I still rewatch all the episodes with subs now. :D

    Of course, there's also the fact that there's a pretty bishie who can play the violin... *_*

    SO YEAH! If you were to ask me a few years ago if I'd watch this anime, I would have probably said "in your dreams". :3

  3. Thanks for the info on this series! I'm interested in it because of Okiayu Ryoutarous + My Melody, since it sounds like a crack combination.

    Downloading a torrent now. xD

  4. You're welcome! And yes, Okiayu Ryoutarou did a very good job on this series. It's a nice anime to get into when you need to get away from real life and just be happy~

    Season 2 is out now as well, just so you know. ^_^