Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dealing with H1N1

octy and tare panda plushies fighting against h1n1

Although there’s still a line downstairs for the people who go to the 16th floor to have their temperatures checked before coming in… I think people are beginning ease off of being on panic mode.

Not that I don’t appreciate the seriousness of the disease. People who have lower immune systems that come in contact with it are at risk. Admittedly, I was scared as hell at one point too… Will have to write about that eventually, but maybe not here.

I just think it was a little funny that we had to wear masks for 2 days when the boss found out someone who was in the office may have had H1N1. We even had a seminar about it, then found out that we didn’t have to wear masks after all. Haha~ You can see in the photo my little octopus plushie from Denise is now wearing my mask. She’s all set to fight off H1N1! Rawr~ x3 Hey, you gotta admit, it suits her better than me!

Octy kinda looks like a distant cousin of Octomorph. *nods*

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