Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Visit from a Great Blue

Work has been insane as of late, and I barely get to go outside… The only time I step out of the house is when I need to give dinner to the doggies and some crackers for our parrots.

One evening in late July, I got shocked when a insect flew over the light above our doorway. Since I only saw the shadow, I panicked because I thought it was a flying cockroach and hurried to head inside.

A few shaky moments later, I took a peek through our screen door and saw this little guy:

great blue skimmer dragonfly

It’s rare to see a dragonfly flying outside when it’s already evening. Then again, it’s rare to see a dragonfly outside our house at all! It was a nice shade of blue, with blue tipped wings, so I thought I’d take a quick photo before it left.

One site says that the Chinese associate dragonflies with prosperity, harmony, and good luck. Another site says that it’s a symbol of instability and feebleness.

Maybe different parts of China have different takes to it. To me, this dragonfly reminded me of my elementary school days when my friends caught dragonflies and asked me to make paper boxes for them… It gave me a much needed smile on my face when I needed it most.

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