Saturday, July 19, 2014

Same Mascot?

I thought this was kinda strange, so I took a photo of it…

fanta and royal mascot

The one on the right is your typical, Royal Tru-Orange litro that you can buy practically anywhere in the Philippines. The one on the left is a bottle of Fanta orange a friend of mine gave me as a gift from his trip to Japan (this was long before I stopped drinking soda last January, so I use the Fanta bottle as a water bottle nowadays).

Is she supposed to be some kind of game mascot? The two girls look very similar, except for the skirt. I’m pretty sure Fanta and Royal are two different companies, aren’t they?

Just a little curious, that’s all…


  1. I was looking into this in google when I found your photo... According to wiki, Royal is Fanta, they just didn't change the brand name. But both are under the Coca-Cola company.

    1. Yeah, someone on facebook told me about this too... xD I don't understand why they had to change names for the same thing though... it's just confusing. ^^;

    2. Actually, Royal came first but not related to Fanta then. And Fanta came. They are both different until they decided to use the Fanta elements to Royal.

  2. As far as I know, Royal was a Philippine- brand (once fully owned by SanMig corp-until 2003), and was sold to the Coca-cola company. So the similarity in ads would be because they (products) are from the same company, but I can't say that it is the same as the international Fanta, but we can see it as the local counterpart of the said product. Also, Royal is only available here in Phils.