Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Power-Leveling Day

Some time in August, when I had just begun playing Granado Espada again, I met a certain obnoxious player who claimed he could take anything GE could throw at him.

A few days of chatting up with him both in game and in the forums, he told me that he could level up my primary characters in a few hours of raiding with him. I didn’t believe him, because I pretty much thought he was showing off again, but I went along the Castilla Mine raid.

Ok, he was right.

granado espada castilla mine raid

We went on the raid twice. Three times if you count my lethal, noob attempt at killing a level 120 boss. And basically power leveled Rukia (my Fighter) and Renae (my Scout) to Expert, Rei (Catherine Summoner) to Veteran, and Rue (my Wizard) to Veteran.

He bought me an Expert stance for Rue too. I guess he’s really generous, or he’s just really maxed out in GE. Who knows?

If I didn’t have manga work keeping me busy, I would have continued on playing and leveling up my primary and secondary characters. I never would have thought Rue would have higher levels than Rukia since he’s so weak, but hey! Now he’s the head of the harem family!

Guess I’ll be playing this for a little while longer.

Oh and by the way? Scouts are kinda useless once you get into Veteran and Expert levels. I need new NPC healers.

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