Friday, October 25, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Breaking Novia’s Seal

Finally got around to finishing this part of Gavin’s recruitment quest! The weird thing was that I remember this being my second try, but I wasn’t allowed in the Ice Wizard’s Tower the second time around because, according to the statue of the frozen girl, I needed to finish all of my Katovic’s quests first. Weird?

Well, “Maxed-Out Player” bypassed that problem with his character so I got in anyway. What I don’t understand with Granado Espada lately is that their lag is getting worse everyday. My characters tend to get their HPs reduced to less than half before they could actually start moving!

I already mentioned that Scouts are pretty much useless when you’re at higher levels, right? Well, I gave Renae a Silver Rosario, so she’s not completely useless anymore. I still need to use pots every so often, but at least her character buffs are worth the headache.

Also for this quest, Rue’s Levitation stance was far more useful for this part of the quest than his expert stance. I guess floating in the air made most of the enemies unable to attack him, and Photon Splash was really effective too.

And that’s it! Back to the drawing board for now… Ugh… I feel so burned out…

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