Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My “Amnesia” Boys

Last Sunday, my brother invited me to go to Greenhills with him and his family. I had an agenda to try my luck in finding a complete set of the gashapon series of Amnesia from any of the specialty stores there, but was disappointed to find that no one had carried them.

Misaki-taichou mentioned that there was still one gashapon machine of Amnesia somewhere. When I saw the machine, it only had less than a dozen toys left. I debated whether or not I should take the chance, but felt I would regret it if I didn’t try.

amnesia gashapon set - shin, ikki, kent, toma, and ukyo

6 attempts later, I somehow managed to get the last 4 characters that I was missing. I don’t know why I felt the urge to collect this since I’ve never even seen the anime nor have I played the game, but heck, here they are! The entire gashapon set of Amnesia!

amnesia gashapon - shin amnesia gashapon - ikki

I’ve already had Ikki before my trip to Greenhills and I got Shin at my very last attempt. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get him since he was at the top of the pile (the gashapon balls they used for this machine was colored so you can predict who you might get when there’s hardly any toys left), but I somehow got lucky at the very end!

I’m also lucky I already had Ikki since there were no white balls left in the machine! Thank you, my other brother who pestered me to go to the toy store with him last January!

amnesia gashapon - ukyo

Green-haired Ukyo was the one that I wanted most. Maybe because of his long hair or split personality, but I got a double of him somewhere in my third or fourth attempt. I don’t really mind, but I might decide to sell him.

amnesia gashapon - kent amnesia gashapon - toma

Kent was the second to the last which made me nervous because I didn’t really see any blue balls in the machine. I don’t like this particular figure that I got because there’s some damage to his right eye, but it’s better than not having him at all! Given the chance, I might buy him again if I get to go to Greenhills another time.

I got double of Toma too, which I will definitely sell. Maybe in Indieket or Komikon? Haven’t really decided yet, but I’ll leave him and Ukyo’s double unopened for now.

Overall I’m quite pleased that I didn’t need to try more than seven times to complete this. But, I can’t ignore the fact that this left me completely broke.

Time to work more on my manga pages so I can have some money!


  1. Whyyyyuyy!?!! do you have such awesome gasha machines :< they suck so much where I live ;;

    1. Wah, didn't realize I was on my personal account :o it's Azu

    2. Don't worry, I know Azuzu is teh Maggie (Q!) XD

      Shall I send a small care package with some doubles, Azuzu? I have a few~ :3

    3. And they are unfortunately a rarity where I am too. Which is why I tend to really lose it when I find something adorable (like this set) and collect them even if I don't know them. @_@

  2. haha x_x most of the adorable stuff around me, I'd imagine, are either in another county, most likely LA or San Diego. >_> boo~