Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surreal Serenity

Because of my current job as a scientist science blogger for WeaselTech, I’ve been researching a lot on Astronomy, Health, and other scientific findings that are worth mentioning.

I’ve come across APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) and found a beautiful photo that I can’t use for my work… so I thought I might as well blog about it here.

switzerland sunrise with venus and the moon

That is Venus hovering above the moon as seen Sunday morning in snowy eastern Switzerland. You can see the peaks of the Alps just below the rising sun, but the huge mountain on the right is Mittlerspitz. You can also see the light from the village of Trübbach the small town of Balzers, Liechtenstein far below.

And why did I post this photo, you ask?

Because I saw something similar along Marcos Highway during my trip to Baguio two weeks ago. I wasn’t able to get a proper photo of the cloud blanketed valleys, so I might as well settle for this instead.

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