Friday, February 4, 2011

A Christmas Package on a Magical Journey

dai's christmas package

Soubi’s Dai’s package finally arrived the other day… which made me curious because for one thing, it took a lot longer than usual, even for something coming from the USA.

package arrived in pakistan package missent to malaysia

Upon closer inspection, it arrived in Pakistan on Christmas Eve. Normal enough, until I saw the front, which was stamped “missent to Malaysia”.

…my gift got to see Malaysia before I did.

And did I mention the post office asked me to open the package in front of them? They were probably curious to see what I was waiting for since last Christmas. Then again, when I said I was expecting a card and they received a package instead, I guess they were concerned? That or all packages must be inspected by the post office or something.

…needless to say, I squealed like a little girl when I opened the paper wrapped gift inside.

golden butterfly earrings

Golden butterfly earrings that my camera phone refuses to take a clear picture of! ;_; They’re so cute and pretty and-

…now I feel that itch to have my ears pierced again. T_T

dai's christmas card soubi's message through dai

I’m not about to show you what Dai wrote in my card… but I thought I’d share this P.S. because for the love of me, my Soubi fangirlyness is showing. And besides, Dai has cute handwriting~

Now to think about whether or not I should pierce my ears. ;x; I’ve always wanted to, but the pain involved is making me run the opposite direction.

THANK YOU DAI~♥! I love my gift to bits and pieces! ;o;

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