Monday, February 28, 2011

Baguio: Oh Mai Khan!

genghis khan vs. oh mai khan

Mongolian barbeque is not something I’d actually crave for, but Oh Mai Khan in Baguio City is an exception to that.

oh mai khan dishes

They have one dish in particular that never fails to blow me away, and that’s “Taste of Asia”! The beef is somewhat crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside. That’s not the most accurate way of explaining it, but you really have to try it!

The down side was their salad… I didn’t really like how it tasted, but their other dishes made up for that nicely! The strawberry sorbet is also very good, but it’s not your typical sorbet, it’s a drink! Think fresh strawberry with ice shake… absolutely heavenly! But if you’re not a fan of sweet stuff like me, better ask the server to separate the syrup.

I tend to do that nowadays when it comes to fresh fruit shakes… I guess I’m losing my sweet tooth?

Overall a good place to go to when you’re in Baguio. Just be sure to ask around for where it is, because the streets can be a little confusing… don’t be shy, the locals are quite friendly~ ♥

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