Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a Little Update…

mote-mote page 9 by columbia kho mote-mote page 10 by columbia kho

So many exciting and depressing things are happening that I can’t keep up with it… All the more can’t I keep up with updating my poor blog when my webmanga doujinshi already has 2 pages up! Slackin off is not the way to start the new year.

Some people can probably tell that I cheated on page 10 because I used an old image and recycled it. It was suppose to be a blank panel, but I hesitated and changed it at the last minute. There is also a missing element in page 9, but I’m too lazy to fix it. I guess I’m beginning to procrastinate and cram… so not good! >.<;;;

My nephew has decided to teach me how to play the piano, since he is quite an expert at it now. We’re about 11 years apart, so it’s quite a humbling experience to be taught by someone so young. My fingers are in a lot of pain tough, which is very bad because I haven’t finished inking the next update yet.

Oh, and we play badminton every Saturday too. Glad I can still pwn both my nephews, hehe~

Hope everyone’s days have been than mine! I need to decide on something soon, and it makes me nervous just thinking about it. Wish me luck!

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