Saturday, January 30, 2010

BoA: Eien "Forever"

There is something about BoA that I always go back to. Sometimes, I would get tired of her music playing on my mp3 player, and think that I will never listen to her again… only to get caught up with her newest single a few days after.

Eien or Forever is a beautiful upbeat song with a touch of sad words about parting ways with the one you love. In her music video, she mixes it up with quick footwork and hand movements that it almost seem like she is acting out her frustrations.

Because you loved me
I am who I am now
the time that’s carried by the wind
it brings back the eternity of that day

Translations from One Single Tear

My only wish? Is that I could dance like her. But ah, that’s just a dream isn’t it? ^^;;;

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