Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Twas a Strange Christmas...

Thanks to the Christmas Holidays, I haven't had time to update my blog, so you're getting two doujin pages instead of one. I can't think of a proper blurb at the moment, argh..! Even Mote-Mote's update was delayed for a day since the scheduled post was on the 25th! >.<;;;

It was a strange Christmas for me... My brother left on the 24th for Canada, and the entire family was pretty stressed because we couldn't find the package my uncle asked him to deliver to my aunt in Vancouver. The package was about P7000 (US$150) worth of music materials (CDs, books, music sheets, etc.) from Japan bought by my cousin, so you can imagine why we were so keen in finding it! My uncle was pretty mad that we lost it, and my mom was so upset that noche buena was canceled that evening. I spent the evening alone in my room, working on some art.

But you know what? Despite the lack of sleep that evening, the package was found when my brother had arrived in Canada! You can imagine how happy mom was! This was our very own Christmas miracle!

On the 25th, we had dinner in David's Tea House in Trinoma. I never thought Chinese food could taste so good. *_* Maybe because the load was finally lifted and we were all happy?

I'll have to take pictures of all the gifts I received this year and post it on a later time, but for now?

Happy Holidays Everyone!
~I hope you Christmas was just as miraculous as mine~