Friday, December 11, 2009

Shift to Hyper-Focus Mode

mote-mote page 3 by columbia khoAhaha, I forgot to post an update. xD

You may have noticed that I’ve got a new page up at 黑火子 ~Kurohiko, which is pacing a lot faster than A.illusions ever did. That’s kind of good and also kind of bad because it means I’m enjoying drawing Mote-Mote more than A.illusions.

I guess copying characters and backgrounds are a lot easier than starting from scratch.

It does make me want to go back updating A.illusions again though. Or something original. I’ve always wanted to continue Karma, but I’ve never had the time or inspiration for it. Of course, there’s also Vanguards of Heaven (Guardians of Celestia) which was my college thesis gone strangely wrong and off track, but I’m thinking I should finish what I started first before creating something entirely new again.

Anyway, I almost didn’t make the deadline for this because I had been ill for something close to a week. I wasn’t sure if I could post this or not, but my officemate decided to help me out and gave me an article about hyper-focus mode. I have to admit, it really works, and you should really give it a read.

Here are the keypoints of the article:

How to Stay Creative When Facing Deadlines: “The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.”

  1. Recognize early on that you are getting stressed and handle it before it gets out of control.
  2. Communicate with a friend that is also trying to be creative under pressure.
  3. Stay in an inspired state of mind.
  4. Shift into hyper-focus mode.

For this weekend? I’ll try to shift to hyper-focus mode again to finish penciling all the pages of Mote-Mote. Afterwards, I can ink them and tone them as the days come forth.

Wish me luck guys~ ♥

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