Monday, November 16, 2009

The Doujinshi Project

onegai my melody - hiiragi keiichiI've been busy working on this doujin for quite some time now... too much time actually, that I'm beginning to grow tired of it, haha~!

"Mote-Mote", which translates to "Ladies' Man", is a doujinshi from the series "Onegai My Melody". It's my first doujin that I want to publish on my webmanga some time before the year ends. If I successfully do not slack off, this will by my first finished doujin!

I have a doujin about Kurama and my original character "Kasumei" from way back in high school, but the pages were all drawn in a tiny notebook, and I never really got to know how the story ended. Kinda lame isn't it? Though I've been thinking about working on it again.

It's probably not the smartest idea to create a doujin about a little known series, but Onegai My Melody has been an addiction of mine for more than a year. The episodes are filled with nonsense that make my day brighter, no matter how badly some things have turned out. This is also my way of trying to find my way back into the love of making manga since my passion has wavered as of late.

...trying to find my way back into- isn't that a song?

Anyway, I hope people will support me on this and not kill me for slacking off on A.illusions again! It's just been so hard lately... I hope this will be the answer and cure that I'm looking for!

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