Monday, November 23, 2009

DBSK - Jae Joong & Yoochun Colors: Melody and Harmony

Maybe I should turn my personal blog into a music one? *claps*

Melody and Harmony is a song about love... It shows that people need each other to survive, and that he is really thankful to have found someone like her that his life is no longer a lonely one.

Right now, somewhere, someone
is in pain, all alone
Passing through a sleepless night
Until the light shines on your heart
Let’s nestle close together, so that we could sleep
Like a melody and harmony in love

Translations from DBSK - Cassiopeia !!

I have such an array of music in my playlist now that I have no idea how to classify them. Darn you Channel V! Now I'm so addicted to Asian Pop again!

Not that I'm really complaining... So happy I found Channel V on my cable~! ♥

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