Friday, September 25, 2009

54 Nights and Still the Vampires Wake

Tensions have been growing everywhere in this manga I don’t even know where to begin any more.

Sagakure-san has been scanlating the chapters as soon as she gets her copy of Lala, so you can bet I’ve been stalking her quite a lot. She makes pretty art as well, although some themes may not be to everyone’s tastes.

As far as the story has been developing so far, there’s a lot of tension amongst the fans trying to guess who the main protagonist, Yuuki, ends up with. She did say in the 52nd Chapter that she now knows the path which she should walk on (by Kaname’s side), but she’s obviously still longing for Zero, even though he openly rejected her in the recent chapter.

Personally, I like Kaname a lot more than Zero. I find his story a lot sadder, and I feel very bad for him that the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with is longing for another guy. I’m actually beginning to hate Yuuki for being that way. She has to decide who she really loves and tell them so that one or the other can move on.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind whoever it is that she ends up with, as long as she decides soon so that she’d stop torturing them so much. It’s annoying me that she said she has always loved Kaname and yet keeps thinking about Zero now that she’s with Kaname.

It’s too selfish. Even for a shoujo manga. But I still follow the series anyway. –_-;;;

The next chapter’s teaser mentioned something gruesome is going to happen. Is it bad that the only thing I’m interested in finding out is the character relationships? I don’t know… But I would love to see the ending of this series so I can stop angsting about it already!


  1. I feel sorry for the guy too...

    I think I hate Yuuki more than anyone in the series, haha. ._.;;; Spoiled brat.

  2. She should just make up her mind and own up to it >:

  3. I thought she already did make up her mind! She's just not owning up to it at all.

    I sort of suspect that maybe Zero will end up the same way Kaien Cross did to Juuri.