Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Role-Player: Ghost Writer

vampire knight - annoyed kuran kaname icon by cokho7Ghost writers are fascinating.

They have the ability to write as if someone else, someone well-known is actually writing the letter, email, or document being sent. Ghost writers can steal another person’s identity, or pretend to be someone else entirely.

This is why I’m into role-playing. I want to learn how a mangaka can create a character and have him completely different from his/her other characters.

Some of you know that I play in a role-play community in Live Journal known as Polychromatic. I stopped for a while because of certain issues, but now that my immigration papers are in the embassy, I have more time in my hands.

child and adult versions of kuran kaname from vampire knight by hino-senseiI’m already playing as Yumeno Uta from Onegai My Melody, who has an innocent nature similar to mine. So far, I think I’ve kept her in character, but with my application for Kuran Kaname of Vampire Knight getting rejected, it made me re-think everything I thought I knew about him… I’ve read the manga 4 times now, I’m still getting a few surprises as to how he thinks.

Anime and manga versions of him seem entirely different. While both versions are obsessed with Yuuki, manga Kaname from the first few chapters seem angrier at Zero. Manga Kaname is also easy to lose his cool when Yuuki is in danger. I remembered him to be a lot calmer in the anime, especially since the fight scene for him and Zero never really occurred.

So I decided I had to dig deeper and get whatever resources I could regarding his mysterious character. Then I found a walk through for the Vampire knight DS game.

…that might have been a mistake.

The Kaname I have in my head is thinking “I would never say such things” when I was reading the walk through and translations. It seems dating games are really… “free” in exploring other aspects of the character. I might be wrong, but feel free to read the walk through here and here.

This worries me… Am I really the right person to write as Kaname? Perhaps more research is needed.

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