Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye, Michael…

ciel phantomhive from kuroshitsuji / black butler icon by cokho7Michael Jackson has passed away earlier today at the age of 50 due to cardiac arrest.

Jackson died at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Ed Winter, the assistant chief coroner for Los Angeles County, confirmed his office had been notified of the death and would handle the investigation.

The circumstances of Jackson’s death were not immediately clear. Jackson was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m., Capt. Steve Ruda told the Los Angeles Times. The paramedics performed CPR and took him to the hospital, Ruda told the newspaper.

- excerpt from Singer Michael Jackson dead at 50

His life was placed under a microscope being the “King of Pop”. I always felt sorry for him feeling the need to change his appearance because he was said to have been verbally abused by his dad. I’m not sure if he really is a pedophile, gay, or whatever else he was accused of… As much as we know how bizarre he was, he made good music.

I suppose this will affect the amount of downloads his mp3s will be getting in the next couple of days… I wonder why it’s always only when someone passes away that people remember them and say good things about them?

But I digress… He often said he wanted to be Peter Pan… May he finally find the Neverland he was seeking for while he was here among us.

On a non-related topic, Kuroshitsuji will apparently be having a second season. I have no idea how that will be playing out with the first season killing off the main character, but I suppose we will have to wait and see.

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