Sunday, March 29, 2015

Seven Days of Gratitude: Day 5

line i love coffee screenshots

Still entering that Line PH raffle. Hopefully more pretty screenshots mean more chances of winning? Yay? #LINEgamePH!

  1. Nephews. I don’t know about you guys, but I have the best nephews in the world. One of them is only 4 years younger than me, so he’s more like a little brother than a nephew. Either way, they might be the best kind of family there is…
  2. Cousins. Not far behind are the cool cousins in my life. One turned into a sappy, lovable, husband, and soon father-to-be. It’s weird, but in a good weird! Gives me new insight to an otherwise boring life.
  3. Toys. Ok, specifically, anime figures and Nendroids. I gotta take new photos of the ones I bought soon! They make me smile every time I even look at them.
  4. Caffeinated Family Gatherings. Dude, we all had Vietnamese coffee during dinner, and we were all laughing like idiots over the smallest things. It was fantastic, and my mom looked at us like we were all from another dimension or something.
  5. Travel. I always believed that travelling is good for the soul. I need to get on another plane and go somewhere soon. Keeps the mind sharp and the body young~
  6. Books. If not for all those short novels I used to read during summer vacation, my imagination would not be as wild as it is now. Gotta love a warm blanket on a rainy day curled up with warm coffee and a good book.
  7. Rain. I love a rainy day, as long as it doesn’t bring flood waters along with it. It makes me calm and lets my mind feel at ease.

A few more days of this and my meme will finally be complete! Sorry it took so long!

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