Monday, January 13, 2014

Best Year 2014?

ikki chibi gashapon toy from amnesia and coffee bean and tea leaf 2014 purple planner

Look at my pretty hauls for today!

I finally managed to snag a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Planner! And it’s purple!!! Wah~ So extremely lucky! I would have thought this color would be out of stock already! I had a not-so-nice experience in their Tomas Morato branch, but let’s not get into that. Good thing we went to Robinsons Galleria today!

And the little chibi was a lucky gashapon pick. His name is Ikki from the anime and otome game, “Amnesia”! There were only a few of them left in the gasha, but Toys ‘R’ Us was out of tokens, so I guess I’m pretty lucky to have gotten one!

Actually, it was probably my Dihya’s luck! He went out with us for the first time in a long while, and although I paid for my tokens, he got this for me! I’m unlucky with the gasha here in the Philippines, and it seems to still ring true since when I got his train gasha, I got the rear-end of the train instead of the front! So glad he didn’t kill me!

Oh! And you may have noticed I have a different banner now. That’s from the second season of Uta no prince-sama, “Maji Rabu 2000%”! The group has grown into seven boys, and I like how they all pointed upwards at the end of their song. Like their pose, I must remind myself to leave everything in God’s hands.

Here’s to hoping everyone will have their best year yet this 2014!