Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pangya Journey 2013.07.23

pangya spika entrance to game

It’s kinda nice to get back to playing Pangya again. Spika’s adorable, but I wish she had other costumes I could buy for her. I don’t like revealing outfits like this… Although I could only imagine how I could look like that when I’m working out!

pangya spika with roi give up crying

I do think Roi’s adorable though. Even if I get boogies on purpose just to maximize my pang farming, I also do my best to get a +5 or “Give Up” to get the animation above. Hee-hee~

pangya max getting a birdie

And since I have two rare items for him, guess who just joined my Pangya family?


  1. That reminds me... I've been wanting to play my mmo's but haven't found the time ;_; boo~

    1. I'm currently downloading all of mine... Well, one more, Granado Espada, even if I don't really remember how to play the thing, haha!

    2. I have to patch all of mine >_> also on waitlists for cb's