Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Thousand and Thirteen

chibi hatsune miku gift by putidevilAnother year has come and gone, and… yes, I do realize how late this post is! What can I say? Things got so busy around here with family visiting, family celebrating, and family arguing!

In other words, another successful New Year’s celebration! Congratulations to us all who made it through another End of the World!

So now it’s 2013. Looking back at last year’s resolution, I’d dare say I completed last year’s mission! I managed to lose 10 pounds and kept it off even after the new year’s celebration!

I have to admit though, I didn’t really take it that seriously! There was an entire month where I rested to prepare for my Oh No! Manga debut, and I made a cosplay sword for my cosplayer, Tracy for the very first time. It was worth it though, as it was one of the highlights of my year! However, that is still no excuse and I will definitely “take it more seriously this time”!

I’ve also cosplayed for the first time during the debut of my latest series, Crystal Shadows! I’m sure I don’t fair well compared to the professional cosplayers out there, but hey, I finally did it! And in the process of manga making, I’ve met so many new friends like Enjelia, Jeff, Jayron, Jaden Kaiba, Ray, Matchang, Mazjojo, Misaki-taichou, Pochaco, SWTRD, just to name a few! Who knew an introvert like me could meet so many amazing people in one short year?

2012 was a fantastic year… I’m sure it had a lot of downs to go with it, but I distinctly remember forgetting about them.

This year, I want to grow more… spiritually speaking. And I made a promise to myself to be a lot happier, no matter what happens. And so, I will be filling my journal this year of all the little things that make me happy.

I hope I can stick to that resolution, as it would be a lovely present for my grandkids in the future. Then again, I’m not planning on having any kids, so maybe my nieces and nephews instead. Your aunt’s incredibly sappy today, I’m sorry my kiddies! Please don’t disown me!

Here’s to another amazing year!

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