Monday, July 18, 2011

Kozui Green Tea Cafe

kozui anmitsu

Kozui is well-known for their Green Tea soft-serve ice cream, especially their Japanese version of Halo-Halo known as Anmitsu. I mean, look at that gorgeous, green swirl and tell me your mouth doesn’t water. And with taro, green tea jelly, red bean, sago, a fruit of your choice, and mochi? How could anyone resist?

…I did last week, and it was because of this:

kozui tokyo sakura milktea

If you've hanged around with me enough, you’ll know that I have a weak spot for milk tea. Whether it’s hot or cold, I love having my teas with milk~ Now Kozui came up with a medley that I will forever love: Cherry Blossom Milk Tea. They call it Tokyo Sakura, and it is a must try. :D If you don’t like sweets that much (like yours truly~), then ask the server to make it less sweet. The fragrance of the blossoms in the tea is always more than enough for me to ask for more.

I have tried the rose version though, which is what I plan to have next time I go to Kozui~ Which will be very soon, since I’m already dreaming about it while I’m writing this~ ♥

On another note, why does it feel like summer again? ;x;


  1. hi, where is this kozui located ? i like milktea too, but i prefer it hot.

  2. It's on Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City. :D It's a tiny thing, but it's very green, so I'm sure you can spot it easily. :3

  3. oh thanks , it looks delicious , especially the green tea soft ice cream, want to slurp at it now

  4. xD Yes, I am not a huge fan of green tea ice cream, but Kozui's is one of my favorites~ :3