Friday, July 15, 2011

Butterfly Comb

I finally for my bluetooth working on my new PC! I have so many photos in my phone that I want to post here that I don’t know which to show first!

However, I am currently swamped with work and drawing and manga, so I will start with something simple:

butterfly comb from hua mulan

This is a hand-carved, pine wood comb I bought from Hua Mulan in SM Annex. Apparently, natural materials such as wood, ox horn, and goat horn make excellent combs because the mainstream, plastic types will cause hair static.

I’m not sure what else the girl was saying, but my sister swears by their product! I wasn’t really interested in buying one until I saw this.

<_< >_> What? I really like butterflies long before I met Yuuko-san!

So far, it does make my hair more manageable than usual. My hair is very hard to tame, so that says a lot! Plus, I comb my hair more often now, because I like poking the butterflies on the comb. ;u;

Simple pleasures… we must treasure them daily~ Just like my lovely Kaname-sama layout~~ ♥


  1. Lovely Kaname lay-out indeed! (though I'm not much of a VK fan ^.^)

    WHOA...! I've always been interested to the Hua Mulan combs, cos I find them attractive and it's so much fun reading about the different materials they use. Plus it gives you the feel that you're from some old chinese dynasty (or mukha rin syang suklay para sa kuto >__<).

    I thought of getting one for myself, or as a gift, but some of them are quite pricey, and I haven't seen one yet that really tugs at my heart (and my pocket XD).

  2. I'm not much of a VK fan anymore either... if only the series would just... progress faster! >.>;;;

    Yes~ It does feel like some old Chinese dynasty's relic! xD A comb the empress uses or something!

    You should have a look in Annex. :) They were on sale last week, so there are horn combs for P200. Small, but usable. :D

  3. SALE!!! that's just so... sad!! I missed it!

    I'm inspired! when i get back to manila, i'll get one too. just cos naiinggit ako. hahaha

  4. You do that~ :D So that in turn, ako naman maiinggit, tapos bibili nanaman ako, hahaha~ xD