Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A hostage situation that started peacefully ended in a blood bath, killing 8 Hong Kong tourists.

Hong Kong Interpol will be making their own investigations on what went wrong.

Two nations who both wish to seek the truth silently can not cooperate with one another.

And I can’t help but watch from the sidelines, thinking the situation could have been handled better, but could not do anything except to helplessly watch as the events unfolded.

I love Hong Kong. I love it so much that when I had the opportunity to work there, I enjoyed every single minute. The food, the freedom, the people… even those who looked down upon me changed their minds when they realized I was Chinese.

I don’t know the people who were taken hostage… neither do I know the ones who were killed. But watching the entire thing unfold left a pain in my hear that refuses to heal.

I can easily point fingers as to who did what wrong. In fact, I have been doing so in my twitter and plurk accounts. But then I realized, my bitterness cannot help those who are really suffering: the families left behind by the departed.

And so I will light incenses and keep them in my prayers.

May God bless the departed souls and the families who were left behind.

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