Friday, August 20, 2010

Cinnamoroll’s Instant Curry

I love curry. I don’t know what spices make up the sauce, but I love it nonetheless. May it be Japanese, Indian, Classic curry, it’s probably one dish that can’t go wrong in my menu.

But add a cute character into the packaging of instant curry?

You can be sure I’ll buy at least one.

sanrio cinnamoroll instant curry

My family went to Cartimar the other day because brother needed to buy supplies for his Japanese restaurant. In a little shop called “Asuka”, I found this Cinnamoroll edition of instant curry, begging to be bought. It only cost P72 for one box, which is good for one meal. There’s also 1 of 20 illustrations of Cinnamoroll and/or his friends along with a sticker set~

Cuteness aside, it’s unfortunately not the best of instant curries out there. There wasn’t a lot of potatoes and carrots in the pack, and the sauce was a little sweet to taste… probably because this is aimed for kids. I like my curry a little bit spicier, but Japanese kids sure are lucky to have all these cute things.

…oh, and this doesn’t mean I’m not buying any more of these. The stickers were just too cute, so sue me. ;_; I don’t mind cooking extra meat and potatoes. And besides, there’s always the ever faithful stove to adjust the spiciness of the sauce!

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