Thursday, September 22, 2011

Club Punta Fuego

Some time last summer, my brother decided he was going to invite himself to his friend’s rest house which included a private beach; at least, that was what he told me.

punta fuego's amazing scenery

He decided to drag me along for the trip, because he wanted a navigator to help him find his way and keep him awake. It’s pretty far from Manila, but I guess that’s the whole point seeing only the rich people can afford to live here.

When we arrived at the gates of the club, you can’t enter unless you actually know someone who owns property within the vicinity. I didn’t think much of it, until we actually entered the gates.

one of punta fuego's many houses

Just look at the gorgeous architecture! Each house is designed differently with their own themes and gardens. I noticed that most of them were newly built, but then again, I think the rich can afford to paint their houses once every year right?

punta fuego yacht dock

But… I mean- come on, yachts?! And apparently, there are a couple of people who own more than one! I thought these kinds of rich folk only existed in movies!

I wanted to ride in one, but I don’t think anyone would take any free loaders. xD;;; Oh well…

punta fuego main clubhouse infinity pool

The main clubhouse was pretty packed with people lounging by the infinity pool and indoor cafe. It was hot, so I guess the guests prefer to hang around with their iPads. ;u; I could only sit idly by in envy.

punta fuego upper beach infinity pool

We then decided to go and hit the beach. Only to find out "Upper Beach" didn't really mean a beach at all! But this smaller, infinity pool was practically deserted, so we hung around here a lot to get some peace and quiet… and a nice nap.

punta fuego beach

And finally, the beach! The water was cold and crystal clear! Goodness gracious I could spend the entire day there just walking in the sand, picking up tiny shells, and building sand castles!

Sadly, we only got to spend a few hours there, because this was only a day trip. It was a fantastic day trip though! Definitely wishing I could afford to buy a house there. ;_; All that beautiful nature… I would be inspired to draw all day long!

punta fuego guest pass

And this would be my hand, with a paper pass around my wrist. The most amazing thing is, I swam with that pass in the pool, in the ocean, and I even showered with it! It didn’t tear off!

I guess the rich can even afford to make water-proof paper for their guests. *_*;;; Oh man… Remembering this trip is making me wish I had all the money in the world. Then I could draw manga all day long in my beach house. Le sigh~

And that was how I spent one of my memorable days of summer this year. :D Time for some sleep~


  1. wow you should have taken at least more photos of the place. looks really nice D:! wish i can afford it too T_T bah!

  2. I have tons actually. xD;;; Most of them I'm keeping for myself, because who'd wanna see me in a bathing suit anyway? ;p