Monday, April 18, 2011

Nendroid Crazy

Admittedly, I never thought I would get into Nendroids from Good Smile Company. For one thing, there are rather large for chibi figures, and having changeable parts isn’t really a good incentive in my opinion…

nendroid / good smile company - hatsune snow miku, sebastian michaelis, and saber lily

I say this while owning 3 Nendroids already… and I’m still searching for other characters I might like to add to my collection. It’s all Sebastian’s fault. Him and his cute cat.

Oh, and I did find a reason to like interchangeable parts:

nendroid / good smile company - saber lily in sebastian michaelis' body

Saber Lily looks like she stepped out of Fate/Zero when she’s in Sebastian’s body. Roflmao~ xD Guess I can go without buying that figure anymore!


  1. how about sebastian in saber lily's body? XD

    i love nendoroids! they're cute. ^3^

  2. ...I might actually do that.

    Or Sebby in Miku's body, ROFL~~ xD;;;