Thursday, January 26, 2012

Uta☆Pri Music

utapri music natsuki episode 1 translated by breadmasterlee

Ok, thanks to Misaki-chan again, I’m stuck on my PSP, gaming like a boss lady~ My mother seems to have the idea that I’ve lost my mind since I’m always smiling to myself lately, but I digress…

“Uta☆Pri Music” has a lot of really catchy songs, and it kinda reminds me of DJ Max, only this feels much more complicated since you need to use one of any arrow keys on the left, then the X, Square, and Triangle on the right. What’s more, they used a music sheet layout, so it’s side scrolling instead of a continuous rain of notes like DJ Max.

Needless to say it fried my brain.

utapri music natsuki episode 1 translated by breadmasterlee

But my brain fought back~ Woohoo! I’ve unlocked all the songs after 4 days of gaming and I can do a few songs on Hard mode now too! Apparently, you need to get all the hearts in the character songs in order to get the “otome game”-like scenes like the one I'm posting here graciously translated by Bread Master Lee.

It kinda bribes the female gamers to try their best in the Pro levels because the scenes… Hnngh… Th-they’re voiced, and the voice actors… actually make kiss noises at you!

utapri music natsuki episode 1 translated by breadmasterlee

dsjfhslghdlfgd!!! Be still my heart! Natsuki, stop that! I’m supposed to like Hijirikawa, but after this game, I think you’ve won me over! But why are your songs so difficult to play?! Grawr~!

But I guess that will make the guys run away from this game for dear life now.

Sadly, it’s a Japanese game, so it’s challenging my Japanese language skills(?) which are poor at best, but I really don’t care! Their kisses voices and music are more than enough to make me play this game over and over again.

Oh yeah, Satsuki is never satisfied even if you get a perfect game. He apparently likes to call you a “stupid octopus”. sdkfsklgh!!! I will be a Pro Composer yet, just you wait, Satsuki!!!


  1. I AM playing *hits PSP buttons desperately* but the game doesn't like me!!! I totally FAIL in rhythm games, but I'm trying very hard so I can unlock those smooch scenes!!! ;A;

    Or, I'll make my bf play, then I'll just watch (like a boss lady) XDXDXD

    p.s. zomg. what izzat tumblr site you just linked me to... it's full of beautiful delicious men~~~ <3 <3 <3

  2. LMAO~! You can do it, Misaki-chan! Practice hard for the sake of hearing Natsuki kiss you! xD

    Wait, is your BF gonna kill me now? xDDD I will throw bishounens at him!

    There's an easier way, which is to grab the saved game data that already unlocked all the scenes. I know Bread Master Lee was offered that cheat, but well, I haven't tried to look for it myself yet. xD

    PS. Misaki-chan, meet Bread Master Lee, the true Otome Game Master, aka Boss Lady~ <3